13 Beauty Trends for 2013

Now that 2012 is all done and dusted, it’s time to start wondering what 2013 will bring. I don’t know about everything else but where the world of beauty and makeup are concerned, it’s all about youthful hair, organically lined eyes and skin that’s healthier than ever before. Here are the the top 13 trends to work into your beauty routine through the coming months.

Skin all aglow

Whatever other makeup you choose, the focus this year is on supple, hydrated and healthy skin that radiates with a beautiful mother-of-pearl glow. Extra-vigilant skincare is key but till the results kick in, try a light-reflecting primer, liquid foundation applied with a brush and a highlighter.

Healthy bronzer

Again, it’s all about a natural, healthy flush. So, reach for amber, terracotta and ochre  tones but make sure you first hydrate to the max for an ultra-glowy effect.

The colour to covet

Pantone – the unchallenged colour authority – has announced that makeup in 2013 will be all about emerald green. And to make it easier for us, it has also teamed up with Sephora to release a collection of makeup and accessories in the christened hue. Not that other brands are taking a backseat: everyone from MAC to Chanel is jumping on the green beauty bandwagon in a frenzy.

Graphic liner

Graphic eyeliner, especially in the vibrant, Mediterranean-inspired hues of turquoise, jade and aqua, goes from ramp to real with ease. Try the thin streak of green eyeliner seen at Stella McCartney or the colour-blocked blues and teals at Fendi. The ultimate? Place a few sparkles around your eyes like a Dior model… if you dare!

Hot & smoky

Rather than the dark blacks and browns, eyes are going white-hot with eggshell, vanilla and sand hues paired with silver or platinum. At Chanel, Peter Philips created a striking contrast between platinum shadow and jet black liner, showing us how to go from day to night in a few simple strokes.


Bold & beautiful brows

Strong and structured brows are proving their staying power once again, with straight lines for a lifted look. To get the look, brush brow hairs downwards to find your natural shape, then fill in sparse areas with a pencil, using short, feathery strokes to shape and even out the contours.

Lush lashes

From Gaultier’s Twiggy-like fringe to Gucci’s curled-and-combed look, it’s time to have fun with your lashes this season. My favourites? The heavy lashes offset with white liner at Moschino.

Red signals

Whether it’s Burberry’s creamy scarlet, Prada’s matt crimson or Jean Paul Gaultier’s classic power red, pale lips are being wiped right off the horizon!

Forever-young hair

First it was about the face. Then came the neck. Followed by the hands. And now, it’s time for hair to go the anti-aging route. Every company from Pantene to Kerastase is rolling out anti-aging shampoos, conditioners and serums with age-reversing ingredients like Argan oil, vitamin E and panthenol.

Haute hair accessories

Gossip Girl might be over but it’s influence remains: with everything from bows at Louis Vuitton to beekeeper hats at Alexander McQueen, it’s certain that hair accessories will much in demand this year. Time to grab a statement-making topper.

Nail jewellery

Even as nail art gets ever-more creative, the powers-that-be make it easier for us to dazzle our digits with nail rings that are just too cool not to catch on.

Feel-good fragrance

2013 marks a return to simple, uncomplicated and comforting scents – think clove, figs, amber, lavender and all things warm and nostalgic. It’s also the year of good-for-you ingredients, with people wanting to know what the perfumers are using and whether it’s healthful. Spritz of wheatgrass, anyone?

Return of the Roaring ‘20s

The BIG one that ties everything together – prepare for the comeback of ’20s-inspired bobs and Marcel waves, as the world goes crazy for the much-anticipated unveiling of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Flapper girl Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) never looked so good.

I am already rocking the eye liner and perfume! Which 2013 beauty trend is your favourite?


  1. The first three are my favorite, and the emerald green Make Up on my absolute!!! I love emerald colored shadows and polishes. And I can’t wait for the new products to hit the market!!!!

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