Pretty & Powerful: Behind the Scenes at Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown continues her world domination with a brand new store in New Delhi, the Indian capital city. Complete with a foundation kiosk and skincare apothecary, this is the eponymous label’s first foray onto Indian shores. And it could not have come at a better time – what with the ever-increasing demand for flawless-yet-natural skin and wearable colors that don’t scream out loud, Bobbi’s penchant for creating a glowing complexion hits the spot just perfectly.

The former freelance make up artist describes her aesthetic as “very Ali MacGraw in Love Story“… simple, non-intimidating and based on the natural colors she sees in a woman’s face. And though she is equally adept at bold colors, it’s the natural look that remains closest to Bobbi’s heart. The bottom line of her entire approach to make up: “I believe in keeping things simple, real and approachable.” The result? Makeup and skincare products that you can use every single day and which you don’t feel compelled to hide away in a deep, dark drawer when better sense dawns once back at home.

So, to celebrate, let’s see what Bobbi Brown is all about… in small, brunch-size bites.

bobbi brown delhi1. Bobbi majored in theatrical makeup and minored in photography at Emerson College in Boston, USA.

2. The very first product she created was the Brown Lip Color, after a chance encounter with a cosmetic chemist. The brief was unprecedented for the time (“I had the idea to create a lipstick that didn’t smell, wasn’t dry or greasy, and looked like lips, only better!”) and Bobbi mixed a taupe eye pencil and a blush to create the first swatch. The resulting pinky-brown shade remains the brand’s top selling lipstick more than 20 years later.

3. Bobbi Brown’s foundations changed the face of makeup – literally – as the first yellow-based, not peach or pink, complexion base on the market. Her logic? A majority of women – Asian, Caucasian or black – have yellow-toned skin. Which means you need a little yellow in the foundation to get a perfect match.

4. Though the brand was bought by Estee Lauder in 1995, Bobbi retains total creative control.

5. Multi-culturalism and non-discrimination is one of the her core tenet. Bobbi Brown was one of the first brands to regularly use black models and show them as brides.

6. The lady is obsessed with beauty foods – food that fills you up but is also good for you and makes you look good. In fact, she reckons that if make up had not come calling, she would have been a nutritional chef.

7. Oh! And she loves toast: “Don’t care what’s on it. Just love toast, period.”

bobbi brown store8. And like many of us, when stressed she cleans. “Cleaning and organizing is one way that I relax. Cleaning out a kitchen drawer actually calms me down.”

9.  If she could invite anyone to dinner, living or dead, it would be Hemingway and Picasso.

10. Besides being a make up visionary, Bobbi is also a New York Times bestselling author, with 6 beauty and lifestyle books: Bobbi Brown Beauty, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution, Bobbi Brown Living BeautyBobbi Brown Makeup Manual and Pretty Powerful. And her stores have a gorgeous array of complementary services that teach you everything from creating the ultimate smokey eye look to achieving flawless special occasion make up in 5-30 minutes flat.

Intrigued by this multi-faceted personality? Me too. Time then to take myself down to her store and start stocking up the Shimmer Bricks and Foundation Sticks by the cartload. Join me?


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