Bizarre celeb beauty secrets (that you can recreate at home!)

It’s no secret that international models and Hollywood A-listers go to great lengths to look their best on the red carpet. But unlike leech facials or umbilical cord injections, some of these beauty tricks are actually doable by your average non-celeb. Well, if it works for a super model… !

celeb-beauty-secretsEva’s kitchen

Desperate Housewife or not, one can’t deny that Eva Longoria has simply the most flawlessly glow-y complexion in Hollywood. Her secret? A homemade mask made of 4 parts coffee grounds, 4 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon juice. Piece of cake!

Emma Stone’s grapeseed fixation

The Help actress, who always seems to have flawless skin, reveals that her look doesn’t come courtesy expensive creams – it’s actually the work of grapeseed oil. In fact, the 24-year-old is allergic to many beauty products, so she uses the pure vegetable oil as a moisturiser all the time. Emma jokes that the oil, which costs around US$3 from most supermarkets, makes her smell like grapes “pretty much all the time.” Which, I think, just makes her even more appealing!

Make like Moss

Kate Moss preps for a big night out by dipping her face into a bowl of ice cubes and cucumber slices to tauten up her skin and create a fabulous glow.

celeb beauty secrets 2Kerr goes coco

Australian beauty Miranda Kerr believes that beauty comes from within. So, she has a daily shake made from natural juice and a supplement of chlorophyll and spirulina to help maintain her clear skin. Besides this, she “doesn’t go a day” without four tablespoons of coconut oil – spreading it over her salads, cooking or cups of green tea. Now it might seem like coconut oil is fattening (and it is when taken excessively) but the composition actually makes for more energy and leaner bodies. That’s because it’s composed of lauric acid rather than saturated fat, which has unbelievable health benefits like fighting off bacterial infections, cleansing our bodies, and boosting metabolism, besides warding off breast and colon cancer.

Ramp up the runway quotient

Backstage, models and make-up artists have been known to concoct a powerful face pack consisting of aspirin and honey. The salicylic acid within the aspirin sloughs away dead skin cells and unblocks pores while the honey soothes and softens. Dreamy!

Glow like a Kardashian

A spoonful of sugar helps your skin glow, according to Kim Kardashian, who adds the sweet stuff to her body wash “for a gentle exfoliating experience”.

Gaga over spinach

Lady Gaga claims that drinking spinach juice works wonders on her skin. Dermatologists and nutritionists concur: The phytonutrients in green leafy vegetables such as spinach help the detoxification and biotransformation systems in the body, which is a crucial element in clear and glowing skin.

Gisele’s bed head

This Brazilian beauty often has a sexy, come-hither “bed hair” look in public… and she doesn’t need an army of stylists to achieve the same. Gisele washes her hair at night, ties it up while it’s still damp, then goes to bed. When she wakes up in the morning it looks nice and wavy, so all she needs to do is add a bit of hair serum for a shine.

celeb beauty secrets 3Laundry locks

A celebrity cannot afford to have one hair out of place on the red carpet. So, stylists sometimes use spray-on laundry starch on their tresses, which helps control fly-aways and prevents frizziness even in the steamiest of situations.

Jennifer Lopez’s appetite killer

J-Lo is known for her slender frame and legendary curves but she has an unusual method for maintaining the same. The singer-dancer-actress sniffs grapefruit oil for 15 minutes (there is always a vial on her person somewhere) to reduce cravings and stop her reaching for the chocolates.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in the pursuit to beauty? Would you be tempted to follow any celeb fads? Tell me below!


  1. Any word on how much aspirin and how much honey?

    These don’t sound too strange to me…the surprising thing is that I am continually telling my 15 yo daughters,”Those women can spend any amount of money on their skin.”

    And now I am imagining Eva digging around in the coffee grounds. Informative. And fun!!!

    1. Lol… I love the image you bring up of Eva digging around in the coffee grounds 😉 But honestly, I have myself seen so many of the top stars turn to simple homemade recipes for beauty. Maybe it’s because most of them did not really grow up with pots of money to spend on expensive cosmetics so they did the best they could with traditional recipes and hereditary kitchen wisdom to keep their best assets looking great. And over time, they realised the potency and effectiveness of these rituals and stuck on with them. This is just my guess! Anyway, for the aspirin-honey facial, take 6 uncoated aspirin tablets, Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution (or some plain, distiled water) and a couple of tablespoons of honey (extra points if it’s organic). Put all of the aspirin tablets into a bowl and follow with a few drops of peroxide – this will soften them up. Add a bit more peroxide and mash them up until the mixture turns into a thick paste. To this add just enough honey to make a thickish paste that’s not too runny (else it won’t hold on to the skin). Gently scrub this paste onto your face, paying special attention to problem areas and blemishes; leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off thoroughly with warm water and follow with your favorite moisturizer. Hope this helps!

  2. I have always put toothpaste on any zit or blemish that I have when I go to bed at night. It dries out the zit and basically makes them disappear in my sleep!

    1. I have often wondered if that works – now that you give first hand confirmation, am slathering on a tube and hoping this mammoth zit on my left cheek subsides before school reunion tomorrow 🙁

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