Blake Lively goes golden for Gucci’s fragrance film

If you thought that Blake Lively could not possibly get any hotter, watch Gucci’s new film! Following close on the heels of an uber-glam print campaign, which unveiled the Gossip Girl as face of the brand’s new Premiere fragrance, this short film is directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (of Drive fame).

Blake shimmers, shines and sparkles as a sexy screen siren, flowing like molten gold from the window of a glittering penthouse to strutting her stuff in the desert while a remixed M83′s Midnight City plays in the background. Decked in a gold sequined backless gown (doubtlessly a Gucci original), she totally nails the Old Hollywood vibe that defines the fragrance!

The one word I would use to describe this commercial? Golden! From Blake’s metallic hair (clearly the next big beauty trend) to the sepia tones and her glistening gowns, Blake is a total Gucci girl! What do you think of this campaign? Does it tempt you to buy the perfume?

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    1. Ah! Who knew perfume could be so versatile? Have used it as a nail polish remover in a pinch and this looks like another terrific idea!

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