Scientifically proven: Bright lipstick makes you look younger

Put down those anti-ageing creams… the latest scientific research proves that it’s the amount of color contrast on your face that affects how people perceive your age. In normal-people speak, this translates into a simple fact: bright lipstick and blush can make you look younger.

bold-lipstick-younger1The study conducted by psychology professor Richard Russell, along with CE.R.I.E.S. (Epidermal and Sensory Research and Investigation Center) researchers, examined photos of 289 women – ranging in age from 20 to 70 years old – and found that as we age, the color of our lips and eyes (even eye lashes!) changes, while our skin gets duller. So, basically older faces look more monotone, while younger faces enjoy a greater contrast between the different facial features.

The research team artificially increased facial contrasts in the same pictures to see if it changed the perceived age of various women. The result? The faces with more contrast were thought to be younger even though they were the same person at the same age, just with different tones. Which makes sense – we already think of rosy cheeks and bee-stung red lips as a mark of youth. And fortunately, bold lipstick is huge trend, so if jazzing up your lips will make us look younger and keep us on trend it certainly seems like a bonus to me.

I am curious about your take on the subject, though: do you agree that bold lipstick makes you look younger?


  1. Ooh yay – I purchased a bright tangerine lipstick yesterday! It definitely makes me feel younger, but not sure if I look younger. Maybe more youthful, but not necessarily younger, if there’s actually a difference…

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