6 super-weird beauty tricks that work wonders

When you have been backstage at enough red carpet affairs and fashion shows, nothing surprises any longer. Putting cellulite cream on the face? But naturally! Getting into a bubble bath after making up your face for a party? Of course! Using Pepto-Bismol as a face mask? Duh! Here are some of the staple beauty shortcuts that I have personally seen in operation over and over again. And each one of them delivers fab results!

bathGet steamy to set your makeup

It sounds counterintuitive but almost every celeb I have met swears by the ritual of applying makeup and then stepping into a hot bath for 10 minutes (no bathtub? Stand near a hot shower!). The steam sets makeup, while the mega-dose of moisture makes skin look plump, fresh and dewy.

Dodge a double chin

Want to get rid of a pudgy chin in a jiffy? Rub a caffeine-rich cellulite cream along the entire jawline. How does it work? Caffeine, being a diuretic, will suck out all excess fluids and reduce puffiness. The effect will only be noticeable for three or four hours but that’s long enough to parade around a party or get through a hot date. Just make sure this stuff goes nowhere near your eyes!

pepto-facialA Pepto-Bismol facial

A tablespoon of the anti-acid Pepto-Bismol (or Gelusil or Digene) not only takes care of your insides before an anxiety-provoking event, it can also save skin. That’s because it contains bismuth subsalicylate – an antibacterial active agent that’s very similar to salicylic acid. So, smooth on some Pepto-Bismol onto your face, let it dry for 20 minutes, then rinse with plain water to help tighten skin, shrink pores and dry out zits. However, it  dries out the skin so use occasionally and not a substitute for a daily acne regimen!

Erase the acne

Have you noticed that celebs never look cakey on the red carpet? That’s not because they always have perfect skin – it’s just that they know how to banish even the reddest zit instantly. Instead of piling on concealer, they dab the spots with nasal spray and Visine (Clear Eyes and All Clear work just as well) eye drops. These contain vasoconstrictors, which shrink blood vessels, thereby taking away the redness and bringing down inflammation – the effect is akin to that of a topical steroid.

De-bloat with apple cider vinegar

Feeling like a bloated mess and nothing fits? Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with half a glass of water and drink up! Within 30 minutes, the vinegar’s enzymes will slow down your gastric juice production and start flushing away the bloat.

Lash booster

Forget all those controversy-laden lash boosting concoctions – simply dab a bit of flax seed oil on your lash line every night. Flax seeds contain Omega-3, -6, and -9, along with B vitamins and lecithin to repair lash damage and stimulate their growth.

The New Silk Route: How a Fabric Makes You More Beautiful

Once considered the gold standard for luxury textiles, silk is fast gaining a brand new identity – as the hautest new ingredient in foundations, perfumes, skincare and haircare products. From  Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau foundation to Elemis’ Japanese Silk Booster Facial and Vidal Sassoon Silk Essence Hair Treatment, these mulberry-derived fibres are popping up in luxe goodies everywhere. But how exactly does a fabric work in beauty products?

In haircare, the filaments usually take the form of hydrolyzed silk proteins that are derived from degummed silk worm cocoons. These form a transparent film on the hair that increases the elasticity of your tresses, boosts shine, binds moisture and step up volume  – the perfect antidote for dry or damaged locks.

Skincare products call on silk proteins, which are a natural, water-soluble source of acid derived from liquid silk. These precious acids aid moisture absorption and help heal damaged or stressed complexions.

In a foundation, silk filaments are used to create a micro-mesh, which gives the pigments an elasticity that helps them bond and move with the skin. This allows the foundation to give lasting coverage.

Cellulite busters: Chocolate lovers rejoice!

Chocolate sans the guilt? Yes, it is possible – honestly!!!! This multitalented treat was not called the “elixir of the Gods” for nothing… it actually has a zillion benefits. To start with, chocolate not only prevents free radical damage to keep keep skin young and healthy, it’s also an excellent hydrator, skin softener and detoxifier.

And this is backed up by scientific evidence: A substance’s antioxidant capabilities are measured in ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) Assay units. Green tea has an ORAC of 1,686 units per 100 grams, while oranges rate just 750. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, scores a whopping 13,120, while milk chocolate has about 6,700. No wonder cosmetic-makers have been using cocoa butter as a moisturizer since the mid-19th century.

Besides this, chocolate is also excellent at getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite when massaged into the skin. Plus, cocoa is terrific for detoxifying, waste elimination and metabolism boosting properties, which has it increasingly cropping up in skincare creams like Biotherm Drain Choc, which tackles water retention, and Abdo Choc, which helps firm and tone the stomach. Chocolate as a fat-buster? The ultimate irony 🙂

And that’s not all. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine and serotonin, ‘feel-good’ substances naturally released when we’re happy or in love or feeling passionate – a terrific way to get yourself in a good mood. No wonder that these goodies are popping up in several zingy fragrances – the most famous one being Thierry Mugler’s Angel.

Would you rather just eat the luscious bars? In a complete turnaround of fortunes, dark chocolate is now being hailed as health food – as an anti-depressant and PMS-alleviator. However, remember that only dark chocolate is beneficial; the white and milk varieties are too low on cocoa content to show any benefits. Chocolate can be labeled ‘Dark’ if it contains at least 35 per cent cocoa. So, stock up and start seeing the goodness. Yippppeeeee!!

SPF On the Go

Its all perfect to keep talking about how we need to reapply sunscreen every few hours, but what is one to do when you are fully made up and need to step out into the sun during the afternoon? If taking off all your makeup, putting on sunscreen and then reapplying everything is not an option, try one of the new SPF-enhanced pressed powders. While most face powders don’t include too high an SPF (20 is normally the upper limit though some brands are now touching 30), they are sufficient to keep you protected for at least a couple of hours, while being easy to apply over existing makeup. For best results, ensure that you apply evenly all over the face, including the tips of your ears and neck. Some good options: