Not getting enough sleep? Skip the screen

Not getting enough beauty sleep? Sleep specialists now warn that working on your computer right before bedtime can be a major cause of insomnia. According to Dr. Chris Idzikowski of the UK-based Edinburgh Sleep Centre, “Just the simple act of checking your email upto an hour before bed has the same effect on sleep as drinking two espressos.”

And it’s not just about the mental stimulation: “The light from a computer screen signals your brain to stop producing sleep hormones, thereby leading to a restless night,” explains Dr. Neil Stanley from the University of Berkley, USA. So switch off the laptop to ensure that you have a peaceful slumber.

Cellulite busters: Chocolate lovers rejoice!

Chocolate sans the guilt? Yes, it is possible – honestly!!!! This multitalented treat was not called the “elixir of the Gods” for nothing… it actually has a zillion benefits. To start with, chocolate not only prevents free radical damage to keep keep skin young and healthy, it’s also an excellent hydrator, skin softener and detoxifier.

And this is backed up by scientific evidence: A substance’s antioxidant capabilities are measured in ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) Assay units. Green tea has an ORAC of 1,686 units per 100 grams, while oranges rate just 750. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, scores a whopping 13,120, while milk chocolate has about 6,700. No wonder cosmetic-makers have been using cocoa butter as a moisturizer since the mid-19th century.

Besides this, chocolate is also excellent at getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite when massaged into the skin. Plus, cocoa is terrific for detoxifying, waste elimination and metabolism boosting properties, which has it increasingly cropping up in skincare creams like Biotherm Drain Choc, which tackles water retention, and Abdo Choc, which helps firm and tone the stomach. Chocolate as a fat-buster? The ultimate irony 🙂

And that’s not all. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine and serotonin, ‘feel-good’ substances naturally released when we’re happy or in love or feeling passionate – a terrific way to get yourself in a good mood. No wonder that these goodies are popping up in several zingy fragrances – the most famous one being Thierry Mugler’s Angel.

Would you rather just eat the luscious bars? In a complete turnaround of fortunes, dark chocolate is now being hailed as health food – as an anti-depressant and PMS-alleviator. However, remember that only dark chocolate is beneficial; the white and milk varieties are too low on cocoa content to show any benefits. Chocolate can be labeled ‘Dark’ if it contains at least 35 per cent cocoa. So, stock up and start seeing the goodness. Yippppeeeee!!

Le Parfum No. 1 by John Galliano

Only John Galliano could have thought of distilling the favourite aroma of couturiers and fashionistas into a fragrance: The smell of a steaming hot iron pressing into the finest fabrics at a designer’s studio. Simply entitled Le Parfum No. 1 by John Galliano, the stunning bottle holds a theatrical, violety bouquet that holds amber in patchouli in the base notes. The perfume is crafted like one of Galliano’s dresses – in several layers. Some are see-through, lacey and fragile, others dark and heavy. In the end they combine to create an elixir that’s perfect for women who rebel by playing with several styles, creating their own signature by combining classic chic with fashion rebellion.