Britney Spears – Sans the Airbrushing

I am normally not a fan of Britney Spears but her recent decision to let un-airbrushed photographs from her Candies ad campaign do the international rounds is definitely to be applauded. The pix show the 29-year-old pop star complete with larger (than the retouched versions) thighs and marks on her thighs.

After years of working with glossies that insist on brushing away every single pore, freckle and extra mm of skin, its a welcome relief. And nope, there has been no news of readers spontaneously combusting because, egad! Britney has got hints of cellulite. In my eyes, actually, this is the best she has ever looked!!

Beauty launch: Bvlgari Eau D’ete

This new perfume evokes the sensory pleasures of pouring iced water on summer skin – the perfect antidote to this season’s scorching heat. With crisp mint, Italian lemon, Italian Mandarin, violets, jasmine and Fir Balsam, it’s both fresh and energetic, making for a great pick-me-up on a hot, humid, sweaty day.  And it’s a limited edition, so I suggest you get your hands on it rightaway!!

Understanding Your Sunscreen

It’s that time of the year once again when you either let your skin get burnt to a crisp or actually head out and buy a new bottle of (gasp!) sunscreen. UV protection is the number-one summer health and beauty helper, yet 75% people don’t bother to use any.

It’s a well proven fact that 80% signs of ageing (like fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and sagging) are accelerated by the sun’s rays, which penetrate deep into the skin to attack collagen – the spongy protein that keeps skin supple and firm.

New studies also indicate that regular SPF use allows skin cells to focus on tasks that actually improve skin – such as shedding dead cells and building collagen – rather than on fighting environmental effects. So you not only prevent further damage, but actually get repairing benefits as well.

And no, the bottle from last year won’t do, because sunscreens usually degenerate and lose their effectivity within six months of opening the bottle. Still confused about what all those numbers and rating signify? Here is a quick brush-up 101 to help you choose:

  • SPF: Higher SPFs don’t give better protection; they just allow you to be out in the sun longer without burning. SPF 15 works for approximately two hours, so it’s fine for everyday use, but on outdoor days go for SPF 30 or above to cut down on reapplications.
  • UVA/UVB: Earlier, SPF regulations only measured the product’s efficacy against UVB rays; however, studies have proved that UVA rays are equally damaging to the skin. So, the revised labeling system for sunscreens includes a four-star rating system for sunscreen protection against UVA light – one star represents low UVA protection, while four stars represent the highest protection available in an over-the-counter product.

Beauty launch: Gisele Bündchen’s eco skincare line

Celebrity, eco-friendly and skincare… three words that don’t normally come together in one sentence are getting a dramatic fillip from Gisele Bündchen, who launched her own range of environment-friendly beauty products last week. Called Sejaa Pure Skincare, the line “promises to use all-natural ingredients, “thoughtful” packaging and recycled paper.”  Interesting!