BB Tea: Worth the hype?

kusmi-BB-teaForget the green juices and wheatgrass shots: our new healthy beverage of choice is the humble cup of tea. Except that it’s not so humble any more, what with the blending in of innumerable exotic ingredients – right from acai berries to rosehip chips – in a single cuppa. Case in point: Kusmi’s BB Detox tea, which is inspired by BB Creams and packs a potent skin protecting-moisturising-detoxifying punch with green tea, yerba mate, rooibos and dandelion – all topped off by the subtle taste of grapefruit.

Sounds interesting but I am not sure what makes it different from the other beauty teas out there – there is a brilliant one by Caudalie and another one by Fauchon – which are essentially a blend of green tea’s antioxidant and detoxifying powers, along with the skin boosting prowess of various herbs and botanicals. But then, I never really got the whole concept of BB creams either. Though, in this BB tea’s favour, Kusmi is definitely a terrific brand… it’s been around since 1867 and comes up with exquisitely delicious blends of black teas, green teas and infusions. So, even though its BB Detox Tea seems more like a piggybacking-on-a-popular-trend version of their already famous (and effective) Detox Tea, it’s worth the experience if you have €11.80 to spare for a box of 20 muslin-wrapped sachets.

Your thoughts? Would you try a cup of this grapefruit-flavoured BB tea? 

Jeans that double up as skincare!

Jeans have long been the top choice for women who want to look fit and sexy. These ubiquitous denims don’t only up your ‘cool’ factor, they also provide a zillion body shaping benefits that lift, push up and literally contour the wearer. However, till now their benefits were only temporary – take off the Wranglers and your body sprang back to square one. But hope is at hand as a slew of denim brands are infusing their jeans with skin and body care ingredients that can combat cellulite, reduce fat deposits and tone your thighs on a permanent basis.

jeans, denim, ayurgenic, clothes with skincare, slimming jeans, jeans that slim, jeans with beauty ingredients, slim, cellulite, weight loss, wrangler denim spa therapy, eve lerock, mohicano denim therapyWhy it works

It’s a dream premise – getting the perfect body simply by wearing the right jeans, whose active ingredients work as we carry on with our daily lives. Amazingly though, this may not be an empty promise. Clothes infused with skincare ingredients have existed in various cultures, including India, Greece and Turkey, for several centuries and their benefits have often been ratified by modern science. After all, what could be a better way to maintain a continuous delivery of skincare ingredients to our body than something that’s worn right next to the skin?

However, the challenge till now was to find a way of infusing the cloth fibres with formulas that would not wash out at first rinse. Also, there needed to be technology that would keep up constant interaction between the skin and the cloth, without the cloth feeling uncomfortable or clammy (imagine wearing jeans soaked in aloe vera juice for 8 hours, if you could actually feel the juice against your legs?). Fortunately, the answers to these problems are increasingly becoming clearer with innovations in nanotechnology and micro-capsules… which is what these three leading cosmeceutical-clothes brands have brought into use. Take a look and tell me if you would hand over your body to them for some toning up?

Wranglers Denim Spa Therapy for Legs

jeans, denim, ayurgenic, clothes with skincare, slimming jeans, jeans that slim, jeans with beauty ingredients, slim, cellulite, weight loss, wrangler denim spa therapy, eve lerock, mohicano denim therapy

Wranglers new Denim Spa Therapy for Legs jeans come with circulation-boosting, cellulite-reducing and hydrating ingredients (such as aloe vera and olive extracts) infused into the denim to smooth and moisturise your skin. The jeans feel super-comfortable and according to brand statistics, almost 75 per cent of 160 women involved in a trial said their thighs were more attractive after 4 weeks of everyday wear. The skincare ingredients are expected to last 6-8 washes, after which the jeans need to be sprayed to reload the effects. Price: 99.95 euros / US$130

Mohicano Jeans Denim Therapy 

jeans, denim, ayurgenic, clothes with skincare, slimming jeans, jeans that slim, jeans with beauty ingredients, slim, cellulite, weight loss, wrangler denim spa therapy, eve lerock, mohicano denim therapy

The well known Chilean brand has also launched jeans with anticellulite properties drawn from nano-particles of aloe vera that are incorporated in the cotton fibres. When these particles come in contact with the skin, they release a hefty punch of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants that reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, while stimulating cell growth, collagen and elastin.

According to Mohicano, this specially treated denim increases skin’s hydration by about 11.5 percent when the jeans are worn for at least six hours every day for 15 days. As an added bonus, the fabric is hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The nano-particles remain active for up to 40 washes, after which the jeans lose their beauty benefits and become just a regular pair of denims. Price: US$85


jeans, denim, ayurgenic, clothes with skincare, slimming jeans, jeans that slim, jeans with beauty ingredients, slim, cellulite, weight loss, wrangler denim spa therapy, eve lerock, mohicano denim therapy

This hip Italian brand has taken the beauty benefits a couple of steps further with jeans that promise to knock off 0.7 inches from your hips and thighs every time you wear them. The Eve LeRock jeans, created in collaboration with French cosmetologist Florence Bombard, are loaded with a patented drug that includes three components: caffeine, escin (also known as horse chestnut) and vitamin E. Caffeine dissolves fat storage and prevents excess water retention; escin promotes microcirculation and protects the skin; while vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights cellulite.

How does this work? The fabric is equipped with microcapsules that release when they come in contact with the skin and continue to be activated with the natural friction that happens while walking or sitting. Simple! Eve LeRock jeans remain effective for approximately 28 days or four washes, after which the fibres have to be recharged with the fluid that’s provided in a 50 ml bottle.

6 super-weird beauty tricks that work wonders

When you have been backstage at enough red carpet affairs and fashion shows, nothing surprises any longer. Putting cellulite cream on the face? But naturally! Getting into a bubble bath after making up your face for a party? Of course! Using Pepto-Bismol as a face mask? Duh! Here are some of the staple beauty shortcuts that I have personally seen in operation over and over again. And each one of them delivers fab results!

bathGet steamy to set your makeup

It sounds counterintuitive but almost every celeb I have met swears by the ritual of applying makeup and then stepping into a hot bath for 10 minutes (no bathtub? Stand near a hot shower!). The steam sets makeup, while the mega-dose of moisture makes skin look plump, fresh and dewy.

Dodge a double chin

Want to get rid of a pudgy chin in a jiffy? Rub a caffeine-rich cellulite cream along the entire jawline. How does it work? Caffeine, being a diuretic, will suck out all excess fluids and reduce puffiness. The effect will only be noticeable for three or four hours but that’s long enough to parade around a party or get through a hot date. Just make sure this stuff goes nowhere near your eyes!

pepto-facialA Pepto-Bismol facial

A tablespoon of the anti-acid Pepto-Bismol (or Gelusil or Digene) not only takes care of your insides before an anxiety-provoking event, it can also save skin. That’s because it contains bismuth subsalicylate – an antibacterial active agent that’s very similar to salicylic acid. So, smooth on some Pepto-Bismol onto your face, let it dry for 20 minutes, then rinse with plain water to help tighten skin, shrink pores and dry out zits. However, it  dries out the skin so use occasionally and not a substitute for a daily acne regimen!

Erase the acne

Have you noticed that celebs never look cakey on the red carpet? That’s not because they always have perfect skin – it’s just that they know how to banish even the reddest zit instantly. Instead of piling on concealer, they dab the spots with nasal spray and Visine (Clear Eyes and All Clear work just as well) eye drops. These contain vasoconstrictors, which shrink blood vessels, thereby taking away the redness and bringing down inflammation – the effect is akin to that of a topical steroid.

De-bloat with apple cider vinegar

Feeling like a bloated mess and nothing fits? Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with half a glass of water and drink up! Within 30 minutes, the vinegar’s enzymes will slow down your gastric juice production and start flushing away the bloat.

Lash booster

Forget all those controversy-laden lash boosting concoctions – simply dab a bit of flax seed oil on your lash line every night. Flax seeds contain Omega-3, -6, and -9, along with B vitamins and lecithin to repair lash damage and stimulate their growth.