Aish continues to disappoint at Cannes

With Aishwarya Rai, I have learnt to accept, you can tackle only one thing at a time. So this time at Cannes, she got the dress right – a stunning mauve affair by Eli Saab – but can someone please tell me what’s happening with the hair? A mammoth beehive? Um, what were you thinking, Ms. Rai? And why?????

On the second day, both the dress – a fabulous Giorgio Armani Privé black evening gown – and the hair (sort of!!) fell in place, but where did the excess weight come from?? And maybe next time you could try the “play up one feature at a time” paradigm – which essentially means that startling red lipstick would probably look better with bronzed or at least slightly more muted cheeks, rather than the bright red dots that we can see here.

Everything is just a little too severe and its making her look older than her 36 years. It would have been better if she had left her hair open, lying in waves over the shoulders – a far softer effect that would not only have made her seem prettier rather than severe, but also covered those bulky, spilling-out-of-the-halter-dress arms and shoulders.

Personally, I feel Aish looks best when simple and understated – a fact borne out by this shot at an event on the Martinez Terrace, where she sports a chic Emilio Pucci print dress, almost-natural makeup and windblown hair.

Had a lousy night? Or partied it away? Now, apologise to your skin

Your skin is paying the price for that all night party/work binge? Bring it back to life with a vigorous scrub that will whisk away dead cells and increase blood flow, banishing sluggishness and instantly brightening your complexion.

Then kick the recovery plan into high gear with a stimulating face mask – anything that contains peppermint, tea tree or citrus extracts will perk up your complexion instantly (personally, I can’t live without Lush’s Crash Course in Skin Care).

Follow with a facial spritzer (Both Evian and Vichy do great ones) to make you feel refreshed and invigorated. Also, keep drinking loads of water to plump up the skin and keep it well hydrated – the easiest way to bust puffiness and fine lines.

And when all else fails, cheat! Choose from among the slew of flash balms, which tighten the skin and add a layer of light reflecting moisture to create a rosy glow (try Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or MAC Strobe Cream).

Le Parfum No. 1 by John Galliano

Only John Galliano could have thought of distilling the favourite aroma of couturiers and fashionistas into a fragrance: The smell of a steaming hot iron pressing into the finest fabrics at a designer’s studio. Simply entitled Le Parfum No. 1 by John Galliano, the stunning bottle holds a theatrical, violety bouquet that holds amber in patchouli in the base notes. The perfume is crafted like one of Galliano’s dresses – in several layers. Some are see-through, lacey and fragile, others dark and heavy. In the end they combine to create an elixir that’s perfect for women who rebel by playing with several styles, creating their own signature by combining classic chic with fashion rebellion.