CC Creams are the new BB Creams

CC cream, BB creamThe next flavour of beauty’s alphabet soup is CC: Colour Control Creams, which improve upon the much buzzed-about BBs with better coverage (more like a foundation), lighter textures (better for acne-prone or oily skin) and higher SPF along with the benefits of a BB (moisturiser, skin repair, anti-ageing, nourishing, primer and foundation). So, basically these would be BBs with superpowers?

Taking the global lead is Chanel with it’s Complete Correction CC Cream, while I hear that Olay Total Effects will be launching their own version by October. Meanwhile, the front row BB players like Missha, Luisdina, iFiona and Tiannuo already have CC Creams on shelves in Asia.

While I am not really a fan of either BBs or CCs – preferring my trusty, standalone Vitamin C serums to what’s essentially makeup with benefits – it would be interesting to see how this battle plays out. Will BBs stay on the market, or will CCs push them right off our radars? And what’s next? DDs… for increasing the bust size while perfecting the skin?

Are you excited about CC Creams? And what’s your take on cosmeceuticals (makeup with skincare benefits)?


  1. LOL on the DD creams… i couldnt stop laughing… i too dont trust these BB creams and CC Creams…lets wait and watch 😉

    1. 😉 Me too… I continue to feel these are primarily makeup and not skincare. If they are skincare, one needs to use them regularly – and why would I put a primer/foundation on my face when I am not going out? That would just clog the skin!

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