Want to perk up your mood? Simply reach for a mint based shampoo (yes, really!)

We all know that colours and scents can seriously affect our mood… but did you know that even your hair products can help decide how you are feeling? That’s because skin absorbs upto 60% of what we put on it and the scalp has some of the most fragile skin anywhere on the body.

hair-moodSo, choose your haircare ingredients carefully and sail through the day cocooned in bliss: mint and menthol-spiked hair products offer the perfect wakeup call, and will have you refreshed even after a completely sleepless night even as they cool down dry and dandruff-prone scalps.

Want to calm down? Or regain your focus? Opt for shampoos, conditioners or hair oils that contain soothing ingredients like lemongrass, watermelon and tea tree oil. These are not only natural astringents and terrific at decongesting the scalp, but the slightly warming sensation and aromatic qualities also relax the scalp muscles and make you feel calmer.

Seek indulgence? Stock up on nurturing ingredients like palm nut or coconut oil, which nourish tresses and make them softer, while making you feel utterly blissful with their delicious food-based scents.


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