How to drop a dress size in 20 minutes

how to drop a dress sizeThe weekend begins and it’s time to get out that body hugging dress and paint the town red! Or is it? Unfortunately, life is rarely that perfect – especially for those of us whose days normally consist of rushed meals grabbed off fast food counters and late night spent chasing deadlines. The result? Bloated bodies that make you want to slip into a tent-shaped kaftan rather than risk the unforgiving cocktail number.

But despair not – there is help at hand, courtesy Thai damsels of centuries past, whose herbal wraps are superb at drawing out body impurities, banishing bloat and firming up the skin. No, you won’t lose 10 kilos in one session and the effects last only a few days, but if it gets me from a size 10 to a size 8 in time for Saturday’s bachelorette bash at the Four Seasons, it’s good enough for my needs! My personal favourite is this super-simple wrap recipe from the Six Senses Spa at the Evanson Hua Hun, which promises to rejuvenate even the most weary.

You will need

1 oz (20 gms) ginger
3 oz (80 gms) turmeric
Handful of rice
Warm water as required


1. Grind together the ginger and turmeric.

2. Powder the rice to a coarse, grainy texture.

3. Add everything to the warm water and mix till it makes a thick paste.

4. Massage the paste all over your body in circular motions, paying special attention to areas with fatty deposits such as thighs, stomach, hips and upper arms.

5. Leave the paste on for 20 minutes* and then rinse off with warm water. Follow with a moisturiser of your choice.

* You can increase the recipe’s potency by wrapping your body (or at least the problem areas) in plastic sheet or strips of cloth.

how to drop a dress size 2Why it works

This is a super-potent wrap as the ginger stimulates circulation and reduces water retention, turmeric acts as an anti-oxidant and detoxifier, while rice removes dead skin cells and drains impurities through the skin’s outermost layers. What’s your surefire way of losing those pesky pounds in an instant? Do share!

UPDATE: I have been getting a lot of messages from readers who are concerned that turmeric will stain their skin with yellow streaks. Actually, genuine turmeric does not stain the skin when used in face or body pack-appropriate quantities. The problem is we now have a lot of spices that use artificial dyes to give the impression of better quality and it’s these pigments that cause the stain. Just to be on the safe side, I would suggest doing a patch test on the back of your hand before using a turmeric-based skin treatment. And if you do get a stain, rub olive oil or castor oil into the skin and then wipe it off with a warm cloth. You might also try using a mild alcohol-based astringent on the stained area of skin. This should clear it up quickly!


  1. For me not eating for few days works very well!!! of course, I don’t mean not eating at all, but we all know the amount of unhealthy food and unnecessary meals that we eat everyday. What I do is simply giving up on all the s*** that we got used to, and drink a lot of water regularly (you might feel that you want to go to the bathroom often) but it means that you are cleaning your body from toxins. And do not eat much salt or sugar since it retains water in your organism.

    1. Hmmmmm, I agree. But sometimes one comes across a last minute event that needs you to fit into those skinnies NOW! This is my go-to option for those times.

  2. This sounds incredible. I am still a little weary about it, but next time I go shopping, I’ll be sure to buy those ingredients!Now I’ll be able to fit into my favourite dress again! x)

      1. So I learned it as leery. But I looked it up to be sure, and I find out you can spell it both ways. Learn something new every day!

      2. actually there are two possible corrections – “wary” as in cautious; or ‘leery’, spelt with two “e’s”–NOT one “e” and an “a”…but i’m sure you meant well…

  3. Why don’t people just eat healthy to begin with and buy clothes that fit properly then they wouldn’t have to do this. How much weight do you think this is actually going to take off??

    1. Erin, that would be the ideal case situation but unfortunately I am just a tad too prone to temptation 🙁 You are right though – I have clearly said that what you will lose is bloat and water weight. And the effects are only going to last for a few days. It’s a temporary quick-fix and not a long term solution.

    2. Erin – that would be great. But none of us are perfect. Also – I have a ‘special event’ maybe once or twice a year. At least special enough that I worry THAT much about how I look. Those extra 5-10 pounds aren’t going to kill me, and a little extra boost to my self esteem sure is nice once in a while. And I am 45 and I’ve had two children, plus I have a chronic illness for which I take meds – which of course have the side effect of weight gain. I will never be model perfect again, but I would like to look a little better sometimes. Leave me alone if this is how it happens.

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  5. are you sure genuine turmeric doesn’t stain? bc I use the fresh root (boiled) and it definitely stains clothes… i’m not sure about the skin.

    1. The fresh root would stain the clothes when its pure. But normally when you mix it with other ingredients for a face pack, it should not stain the complexion. But everyone’s skin behaves differently, so I would def suggest doing a patch test!

      1. I love to eat it. I use in as a mask. I drink it with almond milk and I brush my teeth with it. No problems and my teeth are pearly white.

  6. It sounds interesting and worth a try though I’m still unsure about the use of turmeric.. But maybe I should give it a shot once.

  7. Best way to lose weight fast is to drink lots of water, cut out processed carbohydrates, anything fried, and eat only lean proteins for the few weeks before an event! If you don’t eat enough to satisfy your hunger, you’re only going to feel worse and look worse. Day-of I would recommend a quick, light workout in the morning of your whole body – do just enough to tone your muscles, and stop if you get tired. Even though you won’t physically lose weight, a brief workout will make your muscles look better and make you feel better and more confident emotionally. That plus this wrap will make you feel invincible for the night!

  8. I tried this and it stained my skin (I used dry tumeric) for awhile but I used laundry soap which really helped alot to get it off. It works it helped make me fit into a shirt I haven’t worn in a while.

  9. Is there any way to replace turmeric for other ingredient??? I´m from México and is really difficult to find it 🙁

  10. Hey! My stomach seems to be popping out since a few days, and I was quite worried that I was not gonna look good in my dress but definitely gonna try this for new years tomorrow! 🙂 thanks! X

    1. Hope it works for you! However, I would say one thing – it’s better to never try a new thing for the first time right before an important event.

  11. The easiest way to take off an inch or two is simply to amply apply good old Preparation H to the problem area (tummy, waist, back fat, thighs) for about 20 minutes. Then first wipe off and then shower (otherwise you’ll have an unusual odor). I wouldn’t recommend this for everyday, however, it works for special occasions. Another tip: avoid all salt for a week prior to a special event. If you want to really melt the fat off, completely avoid ALL SUGAR for a week or two prior to your event. WARNING: you will be flying on a broom, however, it really works.

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  13. This sounds wonderful. I eat healthy but have been on a long term steroid for an auto immune disorder. I am on a high energy workout program but the steroids make a body retain water, so regardless if the workouts are helping me lose weight, I still feel bloated from the medication. I am going to try this little concoction today!

  14. I shed those pounds forever – proper water intake, rest, eating right – works every time, and its permanent.
    In fact, a friend of mine truly believes his job is what is causing him to feel bad, but he’s forever at the doctor’s office, takes mounds of meds, and says things like: “I’m weak, I can’t do it, my job is killing me.” I told him his job didn’t determine what he put in his mouth. Oh, yea, he’s a bachelor, and he microwaves all his food, tsk, tsk, tsk.

    1. I know people like that. In fact, I was a person like that – except that I never even microwaved the food since all I had were crisps and colas 🙁 Took a long time to mop up that mess!

  15. Hi,

    Is there anyway we can get a solution to drop extra pounds forever without eating anything and working out… i do nite shifts and earn for a family of 7 and its hard to do work out to eat something daily to loose weight. i need something i can do on a weekly bases when i m off and loose weight for good. Please Help.

    1. Hi Angelique, I truly feel you pain. And I admire you for being able to juggle so much. How do you stay sane?? Will research you query and get back ASAP.

      1. 🙂 Its not as bad as it looks… I have 5 younger sisters so there are quiet co-operative but due to the fact me being extra pounds has been putting me outta my mind and that is the worst part of my life…

        1. 🙁 I feel your pain… lately have taken to running in the opposite direction when I encounter a shiny surface, so I don’t have to acknowledge my own reflection.

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  17. Just done it, had to substitue the tumeric for coffee but MY GOSH does my skin feel good! No news yet on whether it works to drop me a size but I’d do it again just to have my skin feel this smooth!

      1. I used coffee and fresh ginger with white rice and wrapped my things and torso in plastic wrap for 20 mins. It’s only been a couple of hours so too soon to really tell if the water retention will go but my muscles feel lovely and warm and it was very relaxing… Would be a great winter treatment!

  18. This is going to be one of those secrets I use that make me look like a freaking genius in front of all my much smarter friends! I must share this with the world!! (this will be great for swim season!)

  19. I found this article a few days ago and just got the ingredients to try it. I hope it works! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  20. Hi I was wondering which type of coffee – original or decaf and should it be the coffee bean or can it already be bought grinded?

    1. Hi Cassidy, sorry for sounding old and boring but if you are 12 you really don’t need to bother about this stuff. I don’t know whether it will damage anything but You. Definitely. Don’t. Need. It.

      1. agreed 🙂 great message you are sending out, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS STUFF AT A YOUNG AGE!! YOU!! LOOK!! GREAT!!

  21. I use these same ingredients for body wraps & scrubs at my spa & it’s great- a tight wrap makes a difference too! Occasionally I’ll thrown in some ground green tea leaves for a nice detox.

    1. wow… the green tea idea sounds awesome. Am sure it will kick up this recipe’s detox potential by a few notches. In fact, I am currently working on a green tea post… any further suggestions?

  22. Hi I was just wondering how long does this last? I’m planning on using it next saturday, but i will be heading to my destination on friday. Will it still be “working” all day saturday if i apply it friday afternoon?

    1. Normally the effects last anywhere up to a couple of days but that depends on your individual body style!

  23. Hi! Thanks you so much for this ”tutorial”. I have a question. For how long does the effect lasts? (sorry, my english is not very good, im not a native speaker)

    1. Mix water with sugar and scrub your face with it. Then wash off with warm water. And tell me if it works.

  24. Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Cheers

    1. Preferably it should be used fresh. If you want to store, put it in a covered glass jar in the refrigerator.

      1. Previous comments and replies seems it’s worth a try. One question though, would it be advisable to do this say, twice a month?

  25. Hi,
    Can I use this technique for my face? My face looks so much bloated in pictures 🙁
    Will this trick work for face ?

    1. you should keep it in a covered glass bowl in the refrigerator – it would normally stay for up to a week this way.

  26. that would be great. But none of us are perfect. Also – I have a ‘special event’ maybe once or twice a year. At least special enough that I worry THAT much about how I look. Those extra 5-10 pounds aren’t going to kill me, and a little extra boost to my self esteem sure is nice once in a while. And I am 45 and I’ve had two children, plus I have a chronic illness for which I take meds – which of course have the side effect of weight gain. I will never be model perfect again, but I would like to look a little better sometimes. Leave me alone if this is how it happens.

  27. What qualities do these ingredients have that would make one loose a dress size?What works for me is using a waist trimmer belt and do high intensity workout. I see water weight comes right off my waist.

  28. If this works for you, you are probably taking in too much salt overall. Try to reduce the amount you eat regularly and enjoy the benifits all the time. By the way, you know it’s not just the salt you put on your food, but the large amounts of salt in processed and restaurant foods that really cause you to retain water. I’ve been put on a cardiac diet (less than 1500 mg of salt a day) and have gone down two dress sizes.

  29. Quick question, I have worked with fresh turmeric before and it definitely stains your skin a bright yellow-orange color, will this happen to me if i rub myself down in this mixture?
    Also, what is the best way to grind the rice (as I do not own a mortar and pestle)?

  30. What an interesting idea! This may be something to bookmark for use when the holidays roll around. There’s a dress I really want to fit into, and this might just take me down to exactly where I need to be. Thanks!

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