Craft, paper, scissors… M.A.C. Prêt-à-Papier

It was something of a Project Runway challenge, where contestants had to cut up paper to create something truly beautiful. The result? M.A.C.’s new Prêt-à-Papier makeup collection, whose core palette of parchment-to-vellum beiges is punctuated with occasional pops of corals, peaches and pastel pinks to keep step with summer. These softer, more muted hues are perfect for those seeking a more natural look paired with sophisticated subtlety.

Not getting enough sleep? Skip the screen

Not getting enough beauty sleep? Sleep specialists now warn that working on your computer right before bedtime can be a major cause of insomnia. According to Dr. Chris Idzikowski of the UK-based Edinburgh Sleep Centre, “Just the simple act of checking your email upto an hour before bed has the same effect on sleep as drinking two espressos.”

And it’s not just about the mental stimulation: “The light from a computer screen signals your brain to stop producing sleep hormones, thereby leading to a restless night,” explains Dr. Neil Stanley from the University of Berkley, USA. So switch off the laptop to ensure that you have a peaceful slumber.

Black magic: Givenchy Le Soin Noir Cream

In the bewitching world of hi-tech beauty, black often equals white, as is the case with Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir Cream. Alongwith its striking appearance, this rich black cream has an astounding effect on skin. And do not be intimidated by the bold hue – the cream simply melts into the skin, turning completely transparent, and leaves only stunning results (like diminishing fine lines, hydrating dry areas, tightening the skin and preventing premature ageing) in its wake.

It’s secret is a unique algae (called Skeletonema Costatum and now patented by Givenchy), which has phenomenal restorative powers that help repair the communication between all skin cells. The algae counter-acts the signs of ageing, leaving the skin firm, glowing and more even toned.

Estee & Harrods: The Glam Duo

I am completely, totally, besottedly, obsessively in love with this exquisite solid perfume compact created especially for Harrods by Estée Lauder to mark the latter’s 50th year anniversary in UK.

The customised, limited edition collectable compact houses a solid version of Beautiful, one of my favourite scents, and is available exclusively at Harrods – where Estée Lauder launched its first international counter.

The beautifully hand enamelled disc combines rich, regal colours of navy blue and gold and feels like a piece of jewellery when held in the hands. Production is limited to only 300 pieces, so am thrilled to be among the truly blessed to own such an ultimate keepsake! Love “belated” birthday gifts like this… sometimes men can take a hint 🙂