Aish continues to disappoint at Cannes

With Aishwarya Rai, I have learnt to accept, you can tackle only one thing at a time. So this time at Cannes, she got the dress right – a stunning mauve affair by Eli Saab – but can someone please tell me what’s happening with the hair? A mammoth beehive? Um, what were you thinking, Ms. Rai? And why?????

On the second day, both the dress – a fabulous Giorgio Armani Privé black evening gown – and the hair (sort of!!) fell in place, but where did the excess weight come from?? And maybe next time you could try the “play up one feature at a time” paradigm – which essentially means that startling red lipstick would probably look better with bronzed or at least slightly more muted cheeks, rather than the bright red dots that we can see here.

Everything is just a little too severe and its making her look older than her 36 years. It would have been better if she had left her hair open, lying in waves over the shoulders – a far softer effect that would not only have made her seem prettier rather than severe, but also covered those bulky, spilling-out-of-the-halter-dress arms and shoulders.

Personally, I feel Aish looks best when simple and understated – a fact borne out by this shot at an event on the Martinez Terrace, where she sports a chic Emilio Pucci print dress, almost-natural makeup and windblown hair.

Cellulite busters: Chocolate lovers rejoice!

Chocolate sans the guilt? Yes, it is possible – honestly!!!! This multitalented treat was not called the “elixir of the Gods” for nothing… it actually has a zillion benefits. To start with, chocolate not only prevents free radical damage to keep keep skin young and healthy, it’s also an excellent hydrator, skin softener and detoxifier.

And this is backed up by scientific evidence: A substance’s antioxidant capabilities are measured in ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) Assay units. Green tea has an ORAC of 1,686 units per 100 grams, while oranges rate just 750. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, scores a whopping 13,120, while milk chocolate has about 6,700. No wonder cosmetic-makers have been using cocoa butter as a moisturizer since the mid-19th century.

Besides this, chocolate is also excellent at getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite when massaged into the skin. Plus, cocoa is terrific for detoxifying, waste elimination and metabolism boosting properties, which has it increasingly cropping up in skincare creams like Biotherm Drain Choc, which tackles water retention, and Abdo Choc, which helps firm and tone the stomach. Chocolate as a fat-buster? The ultimate irony 🙂

And that’s not all. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine and serotonin, ‘feel-good’ substances naturally released when we’re happy or in love or feeling passionate – a terrific way to get yourself in a good mood. No wonder that these goodies are popping up in several zingy fragrances – the most famous one being Thierry Mugler’s Angel.

Would you rather just eat the luscious bars? In a complete turnaround of fortunes, dark chocolate is now being hailed as health food – as an anti-depressant and PMS-alleviator. However, remember that only dark chocolate is beneficial; the white and milk varieties are too low on cocoa content to show any benefits. Chocolate can be labeled ‘Dark’ if it contains at least 35 per cent cocoa. So, stock up and start seeing the goodness. Yippppeeeee!!

SPF On the Go

Its all perfect to keep talking about how we need to reapply sunscreen every few hours, but what is one to do when you are fully made up and need to step out into the sun during the afternoon? If taking off all your makeup, putting on sunscreen and then reapplying everything is not an option, try one of the new SPF-enhanced pressed powders. While most face powders don’t include too high an SPF (20 is normally the upper limit though some brands are now touching 30), they are sufficient to keep you protected for at least a couple of hours, while being easy to apply over existing makeup. For best results, ensure that you apply evenly all over the face, including the tips of your ears and neck. Some good options:

Beauty launch: Ralph Lauren’s Summer Romance

Old scent in a new bottle? Nope, its truly a sexed-up version of an old favourite. Ralph Lauren’s new Summer Romance calls upon the added vibrancy of passion fruit, hibiscus, tiare flowers and apricot musk to reinterpret the classic Romance in a more lush, exotic, tropical Bermuda island-inspired avataar that evokes sugary beaches, fragrant warm breeze and divine sunset strolls.