How Will You Look Twenty Years From Now?

Want to know at what age you hair will start turning gray? Or whether you should start saving for those Botox injections? Now you can gaze into your personal beauty crystal ball – the genetic revolution has hit the street, at least for those able to pay about US$1,000 to foresee their future. The Icelandic company Decode Genetics has launched a service called deCODEme, which will assess a person’s DNA fordisease risk, bodily traits, and ancestral histories based on scraping of cells from inside the cheek. This is made possible by SNP chips, which offer a cheap substitute for decoding the three billion units of the human genome, a task that currently costs approximately US$1 million per person. Samples can be sent from anywhere in the world – all you need to do is setup an online account and ship them a simple swab from the inside of your cheeks.

The beauty implications? You’ll be able to predict your cosmetic future (how you’ll age, sun sensitivity, hair health and so on), then tailor your beauty regimen accordingly. Prone to skin slackness? Start using a collagen boosting serum. Hereditary tendency towards hair fall? Load up on the proteins and keratin!