The RIGHT way to drink red wine for health benefits (and weight loss!)


Is there a link between red wine and weight loss? What are red wine's health benefits? And how to maximise both? Like: What's the best time to have it? Or how much to have?

The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a 13-year obesity study of 19,220 women. The result? Those who drank two glasses of healthy red wine daily were 70% less likely to gain weight.

Don’t the calories in red wine count?

Yes, red wine comes with its own set of calories. Specifically, about 125 to a glass. These are however, negated by its low GI (Glycemic Index).

Does the variety of red wine matter?

Yes, it does. Not all red wines are created equal. Neither are their health and weight loss benefits.

How much red wine should I be drinking?

The key lies in moderation. This means up to one drink daily for women and up to two drinks for men.


Including which red wine varietals have maximum weight loss capabilities?