How to really use the YSL Touche Éclat (In 16 different ways!)

You know that clicky gold pen the world and its cat have been raving about for the past 20 years? The one that’s sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds? The one that’s supposed to cure all complexion woes, from whisking away dark under-eye circles to making cheekbones pop? The one that actually only seems to make those circles look even more prominent and turns your complexion lifeless? The golden tube that’s languishing somewhere at the back of your dressing table, since you can’t figure out what exactly this wonder product does?

ysl touche eclatMeet the YSL Touche Éclat: one of those beauty products with whom I’ve had a love-hate relationship since forever. I first tried it in college to erase signs of fatigue from under my eyes and ended up drawing every single person’s attention to them. Not surprisingly, I never went back.

That is until every single makeup artist backstage at fashion shows, photo shoots and on movie sets, started mentioning it as a ‘Top 10’ staple in their kits. Could I actually have been wrong? Did the YSL Touché Eclat actually work as advertised? Is it really the only thing you need in a makeup bag?

Yes, yes and yes. My biggest mistake (and that of zillions of other women, much to my relief) was in thinking of Touche Éclat as a concealer. It is NOT a concealer.

Yes, repeat after me: the YSL Touche Éclat is NOT a concealer.

Actually, it’s not even a highlighter. In fact, when Terry de Gunzberg created it in 1991, she actually gave birth to a whole new category of make up that’s now a staple in the lineup for almost every beauty brand. But YSL’s version is still the best and it works in so many ways… almost every make up pro that I meet tells me a brand new way of using this golden pen. Here’s a compilation of the top tips. Enjoy!

1. Banish under-eye circles: First, apply your regular concealer because – remember – YSL Touche Éclat is NOT a concealer. Then paint Touche Éclat in a a semi-circle around the eyes, starting from just above the inner corner, going down to where the eye area meets the cheekbone and moving back up to the outer corner; blend upwards. This will reflect light and illuminate the under-eye zone.

2. Perk up your eyes: A dab in the inner corner of the eyes will make them look wider and brighter, while concealing signs of fatigue.

3. Lift the brows: Blend a thin line below and over your brows to sharpen their definition and lift the entire eye area.

YSL Touche Eclat and the eye zone

YSL Touche Éclat and the eye zone

4. As an eyeshadow base: Use Touche Éclat all over the eye lid as a make up base or primer to improve the hold of eye shadow and help prevent any creasing.

5. Slim the nose: Draw a vertical stripe of YSL Touche Éclat down the bridge of your nose to make it appear slimmer and more chiseled.

6. Banish the red: Apply on the corners of the nose to neutralise redness and broken veins.

7. Hide wrinkles and fine lines: Dab a bit of Touche Éclat directly on wrinkles or laugh lines around the nose and lips, then blend it in with the finger tips. This will visually smooth the recessed areas and make skin look more youthful.

YSL Touche Eclat and the nose

YSL Touche Éclat and the nose

8. Enhance the cheekbones: Use Touche Éclat like a highlighter on top of cheekbones to make them appear more sculpted and brighten the entire face.

9. Make lips appear fuller: Place Touche Éclat around the edge of the lips and blend it inwards to create the illusion of a fuller pout.

10. Enhance your lipstick: After putting on lipstick, apply some Touche Éclat to the outside areas of both your top and bottom lip as well as the cupid’s bow. This will pull focus to a brightly painted mouth.

11. Enhance the cupid’s bow: As an added bonus, you can apply Touche Éclat around the cupid’s bow to sharpen and enhance its lines.

YSL Touche Eclat and the lips

YSL Touche Éclat and the lips

12: Sculpt and highlight your face: Use on the bridge of the nose, between the brows, on the top of cheekbones and on the chin, to sharpen your features. Use in the middle of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the point of your chin and above your cheekbones.

13. Conceal signs of fatigue: Apply Touche Éclat to the darker areas of your face (underneath your eyes, at the sides of your nose, the corner of the mouth and the hollow of the chin.

14. As a make up corrector: Click Touche Éclat thrice and apply the drop over any smudge. Use the droplet as a corrector and wipe off with a cotton bud.

15. Define the nails: Blend Touche Éclat around the cuticle to shine the spotlight on pretty nails.

16. Elongate the legs: Use Touche Éclat down the side of the leg to elongate.

Have you ever used the YSL Touche Éclat? Do you think it lives up to its status as an iconic makeup must-have?

Beauty DIY: Self heating vegetable face mask (cold weather beauty must-have)

It’s freezing (actually way below freezing) and whether you are curled up at home with a fluffy quilt and the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy or are trudging through the frosty streets on wayward errands, you skin (and soul) could use some cozy comforting. Right?

This super-simple face mask will take care of both with its warmth-inducing properties, which are perfect for relaxing the facial muscles and promoting blood flow, thereby resulting in gorgeously smooth and glowing skin. Carrots, in the meantime, are a potent source of youth preserving beta-carotene, while sweet potato has loads of puffiness-busting potassium. Milk and egg yolks round up the formula with complexion-friendly vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.

The best part? Everything is already in your refrigerator, so you don’t need to go out in the cold!

vegetable face maskIngredients

1 small sweet potato
1 medium carrot 
1 egg yolk 
2 tablespoons milk


1. Steam the vegetables, then peel and mask them together.

2. Add the milk and egg yolk; mix everything till it reaches the consistency of thick cream.

3. Apply a generous layer of the mask to your face while it’s still warm (but not hot – you don’t want to burn your skin!).

4. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse away with warm water.

How are you (and your skin) dealing with the cold?

Beauty DIY: The your-hair-never-looked-so-shiny hair mask!

Want absolutely stunning, shiny, smooth, show-stopping hair? This simple deep conditioning treatment will make your hair feel incredible! That’s because when it comes to hair, mayonnaise and avocado are amazing – you can’t imagine the amount of vitamins and minerals your hair will soak up with these two key ingredients. You’ll be hooked on this recipe after the first time – I have used it for years and keep coming back to it again and again as it leaves my hair UNBELIEVABLY shiny!

Beautiful young brunette with long hairIngredients

3/4 cup mayonnaise
1/2 avocado


Cut open the avocado, slice it in half, remove the skin and pit, then put it in the blender. Add the mayonnaise and blend for one minute or until it reaches a creamy consistency. Massage this mixture through your hair, right from roots to tips. Leave it in for 20 minutes and then shampoo thoroughly.

What does your lipstick shade say about you?

Gone are the days when we were compelled to play matchy-matchy with our clothes and lipstick. Choosing the latter is now far more intuitive and we are more likely to pick a lip colour based on who we are… or what we want to be.

Bold red? Demure pink? Femme fatale brown? Or maybe an ironical shade of blue? What secrets are your lips spilling?

Here’s the scoop from the colour psychology geniuses over at Pantone, who decode what your choice of lipstick says about you. And conversely, which lipstick to reach for when you want to make a certain impression.

lipstick shadesRed lipstick

Red is bold, sensual and look-at-me… a confident big city girl who doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet. But you’re not really quite as badass as you’d like to be… after all, it’s the signature colour of all those ultra-chic French women for a reason. Classic red would not look out of place in a country club or a silk-and-pearls restaurant. It’s a colour that you can wear from the ballrooms of the Ritz to the bohemian seediness of Paris’ Montmartre. In short, it’s the colour of a woman who is fun loving, passionate, energetic, independent and extremely adaptable. With a hefty side of lady-like chic thrown in for good measure.

Baby pink lipstick

You are feminine and girly, love dressing up, are impeccably groomed and much prefer the candy floss world of dreams and cotton clouds more than the harsh realities of modern-day living.

Hot pink lipstick

More adventurous than classic red, hot pink lips are the domain of a woman who’s fun, flirt, bold and outgoing. You enjoy spending time with your girl gang and are not easily cowed down. And you keep an eye out for trends, transitioning from vintage chic to bohemian funkiness with equal élan.

Rosy lipstick

In between the baby soft pinks and the hot fuchsia versions, lies a rosy pout, which is primarily owned by she who loves nature and the outdoors. It’s the rosiness of glowing good health and fits the personality of a woman who is cool, calm, down to earth and confident in her own skin.

Orange lipstick

Even though orange looks fun and bouncy, it’s not really an easy colour to pull off for everyone. If you gravitate towards this palette, you’re likely to be carefree, wild, vivacious, whimsical, energetic and adventurous. You don’t mind standing out in a crowd and easily throw caution to the winds.

lipstick shades3Berry or wine-stained lipstick

You shy away from being pastel pretty and revel in the power of your sensuality. You also like drama and are an all-or-nothing kind of person… doing things halfway has never appealed to you.

Nude lipstick

Nude is simply not a look-at-me colour and hence it’s perfect for women who marry comfort with discreet chic. Yet, they are also very très fashion and keep an eye out for the latest trends while playing it safe with investment pieces, rather than one season wonders. This one is unlikely to rock the boat or loudly demand to be the centre of attention!

Burgundy or purple lipstick

It’s edgy with a hefty dose of badass, making purple perfect for women who women who are edgy and appreciate a good challenge. You don’t suffer fools too gladly and like to temper trends with your own individual flourish.

Purple lipstick

More layered than red, more mysterious than a bright pink, a purple lip is usually worn by a woman who revels in her power and femininity. She’s strong, confident, sexy, individualistic and a bit unapproachable… not someone who suffers fools gladly.

Brown or plum lipstick

Forget the image of racy reds and striking fuchsias, the true femme fatale wears brown. Or plum. Women who love these deep and moody shades are most likely to have a seriously adventurous streak. They’d rather play risky than safe, love challenges, are ambitious, driven and independent.

Blue or black lipstick

While many of us may push the envelope and experiment with black nail polish once in a while, black or blue lipstick is for the seriously daring. You don’t give a hoot about society and will, in fact, go out of your way to flout traditional norms. You are powerful, like to remain mysterious and unapproachable, and run as far away from “pretty” as possible. Your fashion statement is more ironic than trendy, and remain young at heart always.

No lipstick (or maybe just a clear lip gloss)!

You look like you don’t care… because you really don’t. You are fuss free, low maintenance and are cool without caring to be cool. You are a leader rather than a follower, and just want to get on with life!

Which is your favourite go-to lipstick shade?

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