Pretty prints: Chanel No. 5 (all under $50!)

Chanel No. 5 is not just the most iconic perfume in the world, it’s also the one that has been most sketched, inked or painted in the history of fragrances. So, what better way to celebrate the cult classic’s 92nd birthday (it was first introduced to select clientele in Chanel’s Rue Cambon boutique on May 5, 1921) than with a selection of the most gorgeous Chanel No. 5 illustrations? And they are all priced at under US$50, which means they are affordable for us mere mortals. Will you be dressing your walls with one of these pretty prints?
From Nina Garcia’s Book “The One Hundred”, illustration by Ruben Toledo
From Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred – illustration by Ruben Toledo –
1921 illustration by Georges Goursat Sem
1921 illustration by Georges Goursat Sem –
Painting by Andy Warhol –

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