Beauty recipes: Natural home remedies for thicker, darker and bolder eyebrows

Bold eyebrows are back in fashion and with them come a zillion pencils, powders and gels to enhance what you (don’t) have. But what if you could actually grow more hair, making the whole process of getting your eyes all dressed up both natural and effortless? It’s not too difficult, especially with these tried, tested and timeless home recipes.

Lily-Collins-thick-eyebrowsCastor Oil

Massage castor oil into your eyebrows every night. Its proteins, vitamins and antioxidants not only nourish the hair follicles, they also help in resisting any microorganisms that hamper eyebrow hair growth.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E, which is known as the beauty vitamin that makes eyebrow hair grow faster and thicker, while keeping it dark-hued. You do not need a large amount of the oil – dab a drop on both brows and massage gently, preferably twice a day.

Whole Milk

Whole milk is super-effective for achieving thick eyebrows. Simply dip a cotton bud in whole milk and apply it daily on the eyebrow area.

Aloe Vera

If the blockage of hair follicles on account of excess sebum (this is normally the case if you have oily skin) hinders the growth of your eyebrows, apply pure aloe vera gel directly onto your brows.

Fenugreek Seeds

Grind fenugreek seeds into a paste and mix with a little almond oil. Massage this into your eyebrows every night and wash off in the morning.

cara-delevingne-thick-eyebrowsEssential Oils

Mix together one teaspoon each of lavender oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, pine oil, sandalwood oil, lemon essential oil and olive oil. Massage this mixture into your eyebrows daily, before going to bed.

The Internal Story

Nutritional deficiencies hamper the growth of eyebrows, so make sure sure your body gets all the minerals, proteins and vitamins in appropriate quantities – especially magnesium, silica, biotin, zinc, sulfur and vitamin B6.

Once your eyebrows are thick and lush, get them reshaped professionally. And remember to keep checking the progress of your technician every few minutes – that way, if your hair is being plucked or waxed too thin, the situation can be immediately remedied.


  1. Jinelle Tan says

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  2. Karen Cunningham Fischer says

    Since I started using brow effect on my eyebrows , I’ve noticed that my hair is getting fuller and softer the more I use it. The brush does a good job of fully coating all of the hairs, and I like that the bottle is clear so I can tell when I need to order more before I run out.


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