What does your nail polish say about you?

Are you a sexy red? Or a demure ballet pink? Or maybe a bold and daring black? Fact is that whether they’re glammed up with sparkly polish or left unadorned, nails can tell a lot about a person. Try to remember for a moment, what’s your instant assessment when you see someone wearing black nail polish? Now do you see my point? And does it make you wonder exactly what secrets your own nails are spilling? Here’s the scoop from the colour psychology geniuses over at Pantone, who explain how your choice of nail polish could be making that first impression for you.


Red nail polish is the ultimate statement of glamour – a bold, look-at-me colour that speaks of passion, fire and confidence. It marks you out as someone who is daring, dramatic, outgoing and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. Play with this hue when you want to show off your diva side!


This cheerful tropical colour is popular amongst women who are bubbly, creative and love the warmth of summer. They are generous, make friends easily and are first in line for any kind of fun outing.


Yellow is associated with the sun and warmth. Plus, it’s impossible to ignore. Women who accessorise with punchy yellow nail polish tend to be spontaneous, extroverted and bohemian, with a unique sense of style.

Photo © apolishaddict.com
Photo © apolishaddict.com


Softer shades of purple, such as lavender and lilac, are graceful and collected – pointing towards a personality that’s feminine without being overtly girly.


Creative people are drawn to this complex combination of blue and red – wearing it on your nails shows that you are confident, artistic, individualistic and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Pale Pink

Soft pink nails belong to someone who is quiet (or doesn’t want to stand out) and youthful without being cutesy. Women who opt for this hue are impeccably groomed, making this the perfect colour for svelte career professionals.

Hot Pink

Chic, sexy, bold and playful… hot pink is associated with fun and spontaneity. You have to be a confident soul to wear this feminine colour as it’s bold and eye-catching.


Deep and dark, like the wine for which it’s named, burgundy nail polish is chic, trendy and indicative of an edgy personality that appreciates a good challenge.


Going “green” with your nail polish exudes earthiness and spunk. It is a strong colour and has a lot of power, making it the top choice for women who have a sense of adventure and don’t shy away from risky choices.


Forget any tranquil associations – when worn as a nail polish, blue is not for the faint of heart. It’s fun and experimental, giving the impression that you live an adrenaline-filled lifestyle full of constant excitement. In short, blue nail polish tells the world that you are youthful, fun and willing to try new things.

Image courtesy Pinterest
Image courtesy Pinterest


Rocking a neon hue is a good sign that you’re up for a good time. You are hip, vivacious, energetic and talkative with a “life is too short” attitude. You are the life of the party and strike up conversations with strangers – probably while dancing the night away in a cool nightclub.


Suntanned taupe and nudes are for clean-cut, beachy girls (hello Jennifer Aniston!) who are glamorous yet secure enough not to follow every trend. Pretty and polished, they are feminine without being high maintenance.

Dark Brown

A deep and rich colour, dark brown indicates boldness and authority. It is also the signature of a woman who is earthy and energetic, given it’s associations with Mother Nature.

Image courtesy Pinterest
Image courtesy Pinterest


This dark and stormy colour reflects a daring, “don’t mess with me” femme fatale who is a trendsetter and doesn’t care what anyone else is doing. And no, wearing black nail polish doesn’t mean you are depressed or going goth: rather, it’s a way of rebelling against the norm and showing some of the darkness in your personality.


If your colour palette contains hues of grays and greiges, you are the quintessential modernist: cultured, well read, androgynous and cool fashion maven.


The chic one: you are classic and confident, know what you like and no one can change your mind. You also don’t want to be bothered by chipped nails.

French Manicure

A classic French manicure reveals a glamorously conservative side. You don’t need a whole new colour: your nails look good as they are, and you simply emphasise and define yourself.


This neutral-but-not colour is for the woman who is glamorous, fashion forward and knows how to mix couture pieces with the high street. A true style maven!

Photograph © Holographic Hussy
Photograph © Holographic Hussy


Blinged-out nail polish is the playing ground of glamour girls like Katy Perry – even if real diamonds are out of the question, nails can still look decadent enough to break the bank.


Chrome nails are for an iron maiden who isn’t afraid of anything. She’ll save herself from the tower, thank you very much!


This futuristic two-tone look indicates a person who’s way ahead of her time and loves technological advancements. Their curiosity and love of learning leads them to find the latest invention – whether for smartphones or nail polish.

Nail Wraps

Adorning your nails with funkily designed wraps tells others that you are trendy, fashionable and fun. Oh, and you want attention!

Painted Designs

Intricate nail art tells the story of a free spirit who has a creative imagination and is a risk taker. She isn’t afraid to experiment and embraces change.


They call you “au naturel” because you don’t have time to have it any other way. You are too busy to play with colour. And you don’t need a whole new colour: your nails look good as they are!

What nail polish color do you typically wear? And don’t cheat and say clear! Personally, I am all about a burnished gold or a soft glitter. You?

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  2. Grey and black; the only two colors in my wardrobe *besides white*. Grey and black are always on my nails and these explanations were absolutely spot on.


  3. This was spot on! So true! I LOVE the color BLUE! I have every shade of blue polish made! I also tend to lean toward neons, purples, greens and DUOCHROMES as well as (not listen) holos! I also love to add an accent finger of glitter every now and then! I also love nail art and rhinestones!
    I loved reading these and will be sharing this on my Facebook Nail Art Page..

  4. I wear every colour under the sun. Except for clear. And I don’t do traditional French Manicures (odd coloured ones – yep). I note no category for Holo polishes – my personal favourites are Holo Multichrome polishes 😉

  5. I’ve tried most every colour, combinations with glitter or colour, and the newest ‘textured’ polishes.
    All and all my favourite is black (shiny or with a matte top coat). It matches my light skin tone and I feel like it flatters fingers and hands – giving them a slim and classic beauty.
    After that my secondary favourites would most definitely be: Here Today Aragon Tommorrow (a dark green with a slight gold shimmer), Bubble Bath (a soft beige/pink mix), Vant To Bite My Neck (a deep purple), and First Date At The Golden Gate (a rustic semi-dark red/orange). All OPI, all the time.

    1. I find it quite beautiful, as it often shows off a ‘femme fatale’ kind of look. If you don’t like it, mind your own business, please.

  6. I usually wear three to match how I’m feeling. Firstly, black is my norm because I ‘DON’T’ care what others are doing and I want them to think twice before trying to test me; it’s my “facade” if you will. Secondly, burgundy would be the next nail color of my more erotic personality…and I’ll leave it at that. Finally, pink would be my more vulnerable nail colour phase; it means that I’m letting the softer side of me show for a particular reason.

  7. I normally ware pink all shades of pink. Here lately it’s been anything but pink blue reds and whatever I decide. My Mani I do myself so I put a lot of thought into what I ware on my nails.

    1. You go girl! Love my red polish. Because of my coloring, I stick with jewel tones. I look washed out in pastels.

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